Monday, October 19, 2015



Putting it all back together is just the opposite of taking it apart. Hopefully you kept track of all the bolts and other bits. The first step is to clean the two faces where the gasket will be -- on the case and on the block. I used a plastic scrub pad and 400 grit sandpaper for this job. The case gasket is large and complicated and you might want to use a spray adhesive to attach it just to make sure it doesn't move on you. In my case it worked fine without.

Next is reassembling the bits in the case and on the block. The exploded parts diagram referenced in the previous "parts" post is very useful here. These include:

  • The three small o-rings on the case that seal the channels around the oil filter. These I replaced.
  • Replace the large o-ring around the coolant pipe that sticks out on the top of the block.
  • Reassemble the crankshaft -- large washer, o-ring, and collar.
  • Make sure the part that connects the raw water pump is aligned with the slot in the timing gear.
Now all that remains is to line up the case and as you put it in place gently slip the crankshaft oil seal over the crankshaft. Push the case toward the block as far as it will go. In my case, the raw water pump attachment was not perfectly aligned with the timing gear so I put a pair of vice grips on the splined end of the crankshaft and slowly turned the shaft while pressing on the case until the case was flush with the block and gasket. Before starting all this I laid out the four corner case bolts and had a small cup of oil ready. The case bolts should go in "wet", that is dipped in oil, to prevent leakage from the back of the bolts. I inserted the four corner bolts to hold the case it place, then put in the rest of the bolts. Again I do not know what the torque specs on these bolts are so I tightened them as much as I dared. The case is now bolted in place.

Then we reassemble the rest of the bits:
  • The hoses to the raw water pump. 
  • The short hose that connects the internal coolant pump to the block.
  • The coolant hose on the lower right side of the case.
  • The gasket for the speed control assembly.
  • The two springs inside the speed control assembly. These were easy to attach with the case in place. The small spring attaches to the right hand lever that is coming out of the block and to a stud on the inside of the case. The large spring attaches to the left hand lever and to the triangular lever on the speed control plate.
  • Bolt down the spring control plate.
  • Attach the throttle linkage to the spring control plate.
  • Replace the windsor key in the crankshaft if you have not done that yet.
  • Attach the crankshaft pulley, large washer and nut. Tighten the nut which will push the pulley on to the shaft.
  • Put the alternator back and reattach the wires
  • Place and tighten the alternator belt.
  • Attach the air breather assembly.
The last step is to refill all the fluids -- oil and coolant. Oh, and don't knock the oil filler plug into the only utterly inaccessible spot in the engine compartment. This will provoke cursing and self-loathing. Trust me. When adding coolant remove the plug from the thermostat housing and fill that area with coolant as well as the main reservoir. Learned that the hard way too.

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